Newcastle Walk # 1: Throsby Creek

Throsby creek - pelicans

  • Distance: 4.1 km/5857 steps
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Suitability: Great walk by the water’s edge of Newcastle harbour. Most of it on dedicated pedestrian/cycle ways and the rest on pavement so no problem for wheels.

This walk starts at the car park for Passmore Oval, just off Albert street in Wickham.

Walk down Albert street, past the Croatian sports Club, all the way down to Hannel street.  Carefully cross over this fairly busy road and walk across the Fishermen’s Co-op car park to get to the footpath by the water’s edge.  Follow this footpath underneath the Cowper bridge and along Throsby Creek.  You’ll pass the fun and whimsical “a Drop in the Ocean” artwork/play area and if you’re lucky you might see some rowers out on the water.  Stay on the path as it veers around to the left, cross the road by the next bridge and continue on.  Just before you get to Islington park, you’ll see some more interesting artwork (sofa and pelicans!) and now you need to look for a short path on your left that will link you into O’Hara street. Turn right at the next intersection and walk down Lewis street.  Turn left at the next intersection with The Avenue and then first right down Norfolk street.  Stay here as it continues on and turns into Sheddon street. When you get to Maitland Road, turn left and walk back up along Albert street to the car park.

Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of Throsby Creek walk

Maitland Walk # 7: Riverwalk

Riverwalk v2

  • Distance: 4.5 km/6471 steps
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Suitability: Great walk to combine with a shopping trip down Maitland Heritage mall. Some sections across uneven terrain and steps, so challenging for those with wheels.

This walk starts at the car park in Sempill street, at the start of the cycleway by the river in Maitland CBD. If you follow signs to Walka Water Works you will see it on the right hand side by the riverbank.

Start by walking down the river bank on the marked cycleway and continue along the river.  Stay on the path underneath the Belmore bridge and keep going as it ascends up on to the riverbank and then continue walking along the top of the bank on the grass.
You’ll see several properties with horse paddocks – amazing for somewhere so close to town! Continue along until just before there is a gate blocking further access, turn right and scramble down the grassy bank to Robins street. Walk up this street, turn right and then left at the next junction down Radford street, which turns into Raglan street as it bends around the rugby field on your left.  Walk through the playground area and head down the pathway to your left, leading to the Smyth sports-fields. Go for a quick sprint or long-jump if the urge takes you, before continuing up to High street. Turn right and walk past the magnificent Maitland Regional Art Gallery on your right and keep going until you get to Cathedral street. Turn right, walk up the street and through the parking lot on your left.  You will then see the steps to the river bank.  Go up and now you just walk back along the river on the promenade which is coming back the way you started your walk, just at a higher level.  You’ll pass (and perhaps visit) several inviting cafes, all with lovely river views.  Cross the road at the Belmore bridge and join the initial pathway back to the parking lot..  Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of Maitland Riverwalk

Maitland Walk # 6: Walka Water Works

walka water works


  • Distance: 4.8 km/6857 steps
  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Suitability: Great walk to combine with a family picnic and excellent spot to take overseas visitors to spot kangaroos!  Those with wheels will struggle on the bush trails but could possibly manage the lake trail. No dogs allowed in the reserve.

There is ample parking at the Walka Recreation and Wildlife reserve.  Access is well signposted as you come down Oakhampton road, turn left at Scobies lane and left again at South Willards lane. The reserve seems to be a bit of a hidden gem as I have never encountered more than one or two other people here….

There are a total of 12 km of walking trails within the reserve and numerous variations are available.  This description is for my favourite 4.8 km walk which includes both the lake trail and the bush trails.  Start by the picnic area, go left and walk along the stone wall by the lake. Kangaroos can often be seen relaxing in the shade of the trees on the left hand side.  Follow the lake trail as it winds its way around the lake and look for rabbits, bush turkeys and many species of water birds. You will get to the turning point for the little mini railway (open on Sundays only) and the path goes along the track for a while.  Keep going straight until you get to the boom gate, turn left up the hill and look for the sign posted bush trails. Follow the marked Nature trail through the fairly dense bush and across some wooden bridges until you reach the circular meeting point.  Turn right and continue up and back on the Kangaroo trail.  It turns around and you will walk past the Nature trail turn off again and continue on until you get to the Hillview reserve area.  If you didn’t see any kangaroos in the bush you may well find them here!  Walk across the field and down the steps back to the car park.  (If it’s very wet or you just don’t want to go through the bush you could just do two laps around the lake – total 6km.)

Please see link below for a map of the walking route.Map of Walka water works walk

Maitland Walk # 5: Windy Hill

Windy Hill

  • Distance: 4.1 km/5857 steps
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Suitability: A nice hilly walk around a lovely, well-established suburb.  The changes in elevation make it suitable for fitness walkers, but quite hard work for those pushing wheels.

This walk starts at the car park for Stockade Hill Heritage Park located in Brisbane street, close to the Williams street intersection, in East Maitland.

Walk down the hill to the left of the rotunda, there are some steps and a little bridge leading you down near the playground.  Continue down the gully until you get to Banks street. Turn left and then left again shortly thereafter up Flinders street.  This starts out as a narrow lane and then broadens out to a very wide street. When you get towards the top of the hill, admire the view towards Maitland park and then turn right down Sturt street.  There is a sharp turn to the left, continue alongside the reserve on your right and the street is now called Ultimo street.  Cross over Richardson street and continue on as Ultimo street joins up with Brunswick street.  When you get to Rous street, turn left and walk past the tennis courts and then down the hill until you get to Cooks Square park. Turn right, following the aptly named Park street around the bottom of the soccer ground past the East Maitland Scout hall. Continue straight along and once you get to Williams street you can turn left and you will shortly see the car park where you started across the road.  Alternatively, you can extend the walk slightly by crossing over Williams street, walk through the grounds of the St. Peters Anglican church to Banks street.  Turn left and then left again at the intersection with Brisbane street.  You now have a nice hill climb to finish off your walk before reaching the car park. Please see link for map of walk  Map of Windy Hill walk

Maitland Walk # 4: Telarah


  • Distance: 4.6 km/6572 steps
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Suitability:  Good walk for getting to know a nice quiet neighbourhood.  All on pavements or tarmac so fine for wheels. Can easily be combined with walk #2 (Veterans flat) if you have extra time and energy.

Parking is a little difficult but you can usually find somewhere along Bungaree road by the reserve, just south of Heritage Motors and Bunnings. The signposted pedestrian and cycleway underneath the New England Highway will link you to walk #2.

Start by walking up Capp street and then turn left as it becomes Margaret street. Turn right, cross over the railway and turn left down Elizabeth street. Turn right at Thomas street and follow this fairly narrow road as it turns into Greta street and continue until you get to a t-section with Lismore street.  Turn right and walk past the boot-camp set up and turn left on the corner with Green street.  Follow this down the hill and cross over to the netball courts on the other side of the road.  Just north of the courts you’ll find a footpath through the reserve.  Follow this until you get to Goodlet street.  Cross over and keep to the right and continue up Verge street. Turn right at Taree avenue and in the corner where the road starts turning around you’ll see a fairly steep footpath going up to the left. Walk up and turn right and then cross over onto McDonald street. Stay on this until you get to Brooks street, turn right and continue up and down until Bligh street.  Turn left and walk past Telarah Bowling Club and the sports-fields.  The road turns to the right and becomes Elizabeth street.  Stay on this until you get back to the railway overpass and then backtrack across, down Margaret street and Capp street back to where you parked. Please click on the link for a map of the walk  Map of Telarah walk


Maitland Walk # 3: Metford


  • Distance: 4.6 km/6572 steps
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Suitability: Good walk for getting to know a “hidden suburb” in East Maitland. All
    on concrete paths or tarmac so should be fine for wheels

This walk starts at the car park by Metford railway station in McCubbin Close, Metford.

Start by walking on the pathway along the sporting fields, past the skate park and continue across the little bridge and then turn right, just before Metford Public school.  Follow the path through the reserve until it ends by Cedar close. Turn right and walk up to Melaleuca drive, keep right and continue up to Chelmsford drive.  Cross over the road by Maitland Christian School, keep right and walk past the parking lot and turn left onto the narrow concrete pathway going alongside the playing fields. Stay on this until it ends at Stonehaven drive.  Turn right and walk down the hill to the pathway going through the reserve. Keep right and it then ends at Dumaresq parade.  Continue along this street until you get to O’Donnell crescent, turn left, and then left again onto Ingall street.  This turns into Schank drive on the corner with Metford Community Hall.  Keep to the left along the wide pavement and follow this all the way back to the car park. Please see link for map of walk  Map for Metford walk


Maitland Walk # 2: Veterans Flat

Veterans flat_Long bridge

  • Distance: 4.3 km/6143 steps
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Suitability:  Good combination of walking through reserves and streets, allowing you to admire some lovely historical buildings and gardens. All on concrete paths or tarmac so should be fine for wheels. Can easily be combined with walk #4 (Telarah).

This walk starts at the car park in Sempill street, behind the Maitland Court House.

Start by walking over to High street and turn right.  Stay on this street until the Long Bridge which goes across Veterans Flat, you’ll see a clearly marked pedestrian and cycleway going down on the right and it follows along the bridge but at a lower level.  Stay on this until you get to the other side and there is a left turn underneath the bridge.  Follow this onto Regent street and turn left.  Walk down the street and admire the lovely old houses, including the stately Benhome Home for the Aged. Walk to the end of the street, cross over and walk back on the other side. You will walk past some beautifully kept gardens with wonderfully fragrant flowers. When you get to a magnificent old house called Cintra, turn right down the lane and then right again on Bonar street. Follow this up to the hospital car park and then around as it links up with High street again. (Just before you get to the car park you will see a signposted cycleway going underneath the New England Highway, follow this if you want to link up with walk #4 around Telarah). Turn left and walk past the hospital after having used the pedestrian crossing by the hospital main entrance.  Continue up and past another hospital car park until you reach Mt Pleasant street. Turn right and walk down the hill and along Johnson Reserve and all the way until the T-section with the road that is signposted to Walka Water works.  Turn right and continue along Sempill street until you get back to the car park. Please see link below to a map of the walk. Map of Veterans Flat walk

Maitland Walk # 1: Rathluba Lagoon

Rathluba lagoon

  • Distance: 4.4 km/6286 steps
  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Suitability: Great walk for bird lovers and offers nice views across to South Maitland. Not suited to wheels as a fair bit involves uneven terrain and some steps.

This walk starts at the gravel car park by the signpost for East Maitland multi-use pathway, close to the Brunswick street and Chisholm street intersection, in East Maitland.

Start by walking down the signposted pathway, it quickly divides into two and I would recommend turning left as the path is a bit more interesting with a few steps and a wooden bridge to cross.  The path to the right is narrower and probably created for mountain bikes.  Both paths join up at the bottom of the hill. Continue on and cross over Turnbull drive where you see another East Maitland multi-use path way sign. Walk on the path down to the lagoon and keep left around the edge of the water, enjoying the birdlife.  When you get to the playground and horse exercising paddock, keep left and continue on the path between the houses and the cattle fields. Follow this as it veers around to the right, and continue on until you run out of path.  Go left up the narrow concreted path to Wilton Drive.  Keep right and walk along, through the roundabout and up the hill, admiring the lovely gardens and the view from top of Rathluba ridge. Cross over Mount Vincent road to the concreted walkway on the right side and continue on until you get back to the car park where you started the walk (on the other side of the road).  Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of Rathuba Lagoon walk