Maitland Walk # 1: Rathluba Lagoon

Rathluba lagoon

  • Distance: 4.4 km/6286 steps
  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Suitability: Great walk for bird lovers and offers nice views across to South Maitland. Not suited to wheels as a fair bit involves uneven terrain and some steps.

This walk starts at the gravel car park by the signpost for East Maitland multi-use pathway, close to the Brunswick street and Chisholm street intersection, in East Maitland.

Start by walking down the signposted pathway, it quickly divides into two and I would recommend turning left as the path is a bit more interesting with a few steps and a wooden bridge to cross.  The path to the right is narrower and probably created for mountain bikes.  Both paths join up at the bottom of the hill. Continue on and cross over Turnbull drive where you see another East Maitland multi-use path way sign. Walk on the path down to the lagoon and keep left around the edge of the water, enjoying the birdlife.  When you get to the playground and horse exercising paddock, keep left and continue on the path between the houses and the cattle fields. Follow this as it veers around to the right, and continue on until you run out of path.  Go left up the narrow concreted path to Wilton Drive.  Keep right and walk along, through the roundabout and up the hill, admiring the lovely gardens and the view from top of Rathluba ridge. Cross over Mount Vincent road to the concreted walkway on the right side and continue on until you get back to the car park where you started the walk (on the other side of the road).  Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of Rathuba Lagoon walk

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