Maitland Walk # 9: Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park

  • Distance: 3.8 km/5471 steps
  • Time: 35 minutes
  • Suitability: A nice, quick walk easily combined with a shopping trip to Greenhills.  Mostly through bushland and reserves, and all on concrete footpaths so fine with wheels.

The easiest place to park for this walk is at the Greenhills shopping centre in East Maitland, close to the Big W end.

Cross over Stronach Street and walk down the Boulevard just south of East Maitland Community Health Centre.  Follow the road past the playground and continue onto the footpath through the Brooklyn park reserve whilst enjoying the serenity of the bushland after the hustle and bustle of Greenhills.

Once you reach Chisholm road, cross over and continue on the footpath alongside the reserve on the other side. Stay on the path as it winds itself around the neighbourhood and across the field.  Cross over Worcester drive and continue on the footpath up along Kimberley Close. Turn left on Johnson drive and then right at the t-section with Wintergum street.  This is in a new subdivision and adjacent to open bushland so you may see some wildlife.  When I walked here last night an owl was perched on top of the street sign!

Walk up to Mount Vincent road, turn right and continue on the footpath until it veers down towards the playground on the corner of Chisholm road and Worcester road.  Walk around the playground and cross over the road on the left side of the roundabout.  Continue on the footpath along Mitchell drive and you will soon see Greenhills and be back where you started.

Please see link for a map of the walking route. Map of Brooklyn Park walk

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