Hawks Nest: Yacaaba headland walk

Hawks nest beach

  • Distance: 8km / 11,429 steps
  • Time: 2 hrs
  • Summary: A nice coastal walk with both a flat beach section and a fairly steep climb up through the bush at the headland.  Not at all suitable for wheels and the climb requires a certain level of fitness.

Park by the surf club at Bennets beach, Hawks Nest.

Go down to the beach and turn right.  You can see the Yacaaba headland in front of you and it is about 2.5km until you get there.  Fishing seems to be popular at this section of beach and several eagles were spotted circling around, perhaps also looking for fish.

When you get to the headland you’ll head up the sign-posted path.  The ground is uneven and appropriate footwear is required.  The path climbs upwards and winds it way through the bush past some  excellent climbing trees and busy birdlife.  After the roar of the crashing waves on the beach it feels quite peaceful and serene.  After 1 km you will get to a viewpoint which provides excellent overview back across the beach you walked along, as well as the neighbouring Jimmy’s beach.  This is by far the best viewpoint on this walk.

The next 500m section up to the top is very steep and challenging, and when you finally get to the top it is so overgrown that it is hard to really see much of the view!  It is a good extension of the walk from a fitness point of view, but unfortunately not worth the effort for any scenic view….Going down can be quite treacherous, particularly if its a bit wet.

You have to return the way you came, back through the bush and along the beach.  Before you get too far back along the beach it is worth doing a short detour up on the sand dunes where you get a nice view of the Tomaree headland, Shoal bay and Nelson bay.

For more information, please check out the National parks website

yakaaba 2

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