Lismore: Rocky Creek Dam walks

rocky creek dam_2

  • Distance: ~4km / 5714 steps
  • Time: 1 hour+
  • Summary: A collection of short walks that can be easily combined to experience different aspects of the rain forest reserve and the dam. Great set up with well maintained paths, boardwalks, bridges and signage.  We went in early afternoon and did not see any wildlife but at dusk or dawn you could be lucky and perhaps catch a glimpse of a platypus in the creek! Not suitable for wheels.

The Rocky Creek dam is located about 20km north of Lismore in Far North New South Wales. Follow signs to  the village of Dunoon, past impressive fields and fields of Macadamia trees, and then you will see Rocky Creek dam signposted.  There is ample parking.

There are a number of paths and we combined three of them to make it into about a 4km walk, covering most of the different areas within the reserve.  First we went down the hill towards the dam wall.  This is also a popular wedding spot and being a Saturday afternoon there was in fact a wedding ceremony happening as we walked past! Just before we got onto the dam wall we took a sharp left and walked up some steep steps to a playground and picnic area.

Walk across and to the right and you will see two paths.  We went onto the “platypus walk” to the right which quickly turns into a boardwalk, including a bridge across the creek. Being a bright sunny afternoon we did not see a platypus in the creek but it was covered in beautiful water lilies.  Once the boardwalk ends, the path continues through the forest and it is lovely and shady.  At the end you can either turn right and walk up to a look-out before going back on the dam wall or you can do what we did and walk onto the concrete dam spill way.

Across the spill way another path commences; the Cedar walk, which takes you through the forest and into areas of rainforest regeneration. Check out the Rocky creek dam information sheet at the Rous water reserve web page for more information on the extensive work that has been done within the reserve This walk does not have a bridge so you need to cross the creek by jumping across the rocks.  It is a steady climb back up to the picnic area where you started the platypus walk.

Retrace your steps down the stairs and this time head out on the dam wall.  This is apparently a favourite spot for water dragons and whip snakes to sunbake.  Once you have admired the view and the engineering ingenuity of the wall, head back up the hill to the parking lot.

rocky creek dam_1