Newcastle Walk #6: Beresfield


Distance: 4.7km / 6657 steps

Time: ~ 50 min

Summary: A good walk to explore some quiet parts of Beresfield, including the lovely Tarro reserve and Newcastle Memorial gardens.

Park at the car park by the Beresfield Touch Clubhouse at Tarro Recreation area just off Anderson drive in Beresfield.

Start by walking towards the water and the wetlands area which is teeming with birdlife. Follow the path to the left and walk along and around until you get to the playground.  Walk to the left and cut diagonally across the fields towards the housing at Chichester avenue.

Walk onto this street and keep left as it turns into Weingarter avenue.. Follow this until just after it has turned right and take the first street to your left – Percy street. Stay on this, (including the short zigzag across Tennyson street) all the way to Lawson street.  Turn left and then first right onto Boomerang street by Beresford public school.  Walk along the school yard, turn right at Hawthorn street and walk down to Anderson drive.

Cross over to get to the footpath and walk along until you get to the parking lot for the WR Lindsay Memorial park.  Enter the parking lot on your left, walk across and between the swimming pool and the oval you’ll find a path down to lenox street. Turn left and continue until the end of the street.  Turn right down Allendale street and stay on this until you get to Travis street on your left.  Travis street ends in a t-section with Pasadena circuit, turn left and shortly thereafter right into the Newcastle Memorial gardens.

Follow the road to the left and halfway around the circular flower beds whilst admiring the lovely gardens.  Continue straight on and you will get back onto Anderson drive. Turn right and keep right onto the quieter subsection of Anderson drive.  When you get to Western avenue you have to get back alongside the main Anderson drive for a short while before you can cross over and walk down the entry to Tarro reserve and back to your car.


Map of Beresfield walk