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Walking is good for you – good for the body, good for the heart, good for the soul, good for getting your mind off things, good for deep thinking, good for digestion, good for getting to know an area, good for just about anything!

The purpose of this website is simply to inspire people to start walking.  Nothing fancy – just put on some sturdy shoes and start walking around your local neighbourhood.  It’s fun, free and, well, can I just say it one more time; good for you!!!!

The walks I post here are all one hour or less so easily done as a a quick morning trot, lunchtime walk, evening stroll, whenever you have a spare moment.  Perfect for talking the dog out, kids in prams – or if you feel energetic you could jog or run.  If you’re already a keen walker perhaps this will inspire you to take a slightly different route, explore a suburb you haven’t been around before, or get to know your local neighbourhood better.

I am a walking wife, mother of two teen-age boys, and now self-employed consultant.  After many years of being part of the socalled corporate rat-race I was recently made redundant, prompting some self-reflection and reevaluation of what I want to do.  For now I have struck out on my own, however with the downturn in the current market I find I have a fair bit of time on my hands and I have decided to fill it with walking!  Walking has always been part of my (as a minimum) weekly routine but with little planning and thought.  Having recently moved to Maitland (in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales) I have decided to make it my mission to get to know the town by walking around every suburb, and then expand by venturing further afield to Newcastle, Lake Macqaurie, as well as around other parts of the Hunter Valley. Some holiday walks may well be added also – with the ultimate aim of producing (at least) a walk for every week of the year! The inspiration for the project came from my hometown Stavanger on the west coast of Norway.  The local council developed 52 ‘everyday walks” and encouraged everyone to try to walk weekly. Check it out (in Norwegian – but you get the idea

Each of my walks have estimated km and time provided as well as number of steps for those who like using pedometers.  Steps are based on a strike length of 70cm. A comment on “suitability” is also added for each walk  and reference is made to “wheels”.  Wheels could be a pram, wheelchair, bike, scooter etc.  The walks have not been tested with any of these wheels so this is just my guesstimate of suitability.  Typically a walk that is only on pavement and concrete pathways I have considered fine for wheels, but as soon as it goes across grassy areas or up and down steps it will be a challenge.  However, I am aware that some prams for instance have “off-road” tyres, in which case they may be able to go across uneven terrain.  Comments and input from walkers regarding suitability of the walks will be much appreciated!

Happy Walking!

1 thought on “Introduction

  1. Great site, I too love to walk and explore my neighbourhood! Thanks for the tips, I’m new to area so have given me some ideas.

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