Maitland walk # 14: Ashtonfield

ashtonfield 1

  • Distance: 4.5 km / 6443 steps
  • Time: ~ 45 min
  • Suitability: A fitness walk exploring both the newer and the more established parts of this relatively young suburb.  Mostly on pavements or tarmac so fine for wheels, albeit a bit hilly. This route follows a number of narrow pathways up the hill and then curved roads back down so it feels a bit like being in a game of snakes and ladders!

Park in Austral close just off Magnetic Drive, which is in a brand new subdivision of Ashtonfield.

Start by walking down Magnetic drive, either on the road or on the gravel path that goes alongside it and the reserve on the right hand side. Follow the path around the pond and further along until you run out of path. Cross over the road and you’ll see a pathway between the houses (just after Ashmore close if you’re walking on the road).

Walk up here and you’ll be on Pacific crescent.  Cross over, look right and you’ll see another pathway going up between the houses.  Go up here and you’re now on Samoa close.  Turn left and walk down to Turtle avenue, keep right and again you will see a narrow footpath on your right!  Walk up here, cross over South Sea drive and continue on the path on the other side.  This ends up in Midway close, turn left and then right onto Adele crescent.

The entry to the reserve is clearly marked, continue on the path around the reserve in an anti-clockwise direction.  The path will take you up past Ashtonfield primary school, turn right and walk down Norfolk street.  Follow this ¾ of the way around the Hunter Valley Grammar school which will take you back up to South Sea drive.  Continue along until you see Airlie street on your right. Walk down and as the road curves around at the bottom of the hill you’ll see Magnetic drive again on your right.  Walk down here and you’ll shortly be back where you started.

Please see link for map of walk Map of Ashtonfield walk




Maitland Walk # 13: Largs

largs 1

  • Distance: 4.3km/ 6171 steps
  • Time: ~ 45 min
  • Suitability: An interesting walk around the historic settlement of Largs which has an eclectic mix of buildings; from very old through to new and modern housing. Largs was settled in the early 19th century and boasts the oldest public school in New South Wales. Wheels may struggle through the numerous reserves.

Park at Ernie Jurd oval at Largs Park, just off Largs avenue.

Exit the parking lot onto Largs avenue and turn right.  Walk up to Credela street, turn right and then right again onto Parklands road at the bottom of the hill.  This ends in a cul-de-sac but you’ll find a paved pathway that will lead you through to High street.  Cross over and walk down Morpeth street until you get to Largs public school.  This was established in 1838 and is the oldest public school in the state.

Turn right down Hunter street and right again on Church street. Walk past the Guides hall and the Church of the Holy Family and continue until you get back to High street. Turn left at High street and walk down to Dalveen road, you’ll pass another historic school on your right; the School of Arts from 1878.  Turn right and walk along Dalveen road, past a modern house built on stilts and further along with farmland on one side and well-established housing on the other side.

At the bottom of a small hill, just before the road splits in two, there is a reserve on your right.  Walk through here and you will now be in Stanley close.  Turn right and walk down to April circuit.  Turn right, then left down Betula avenue and then immediately left again up Alyce close.  You will shortly see a reserve on your right, walk through here and you will get through to Robina close, cross over and walk through another reserve onto a pathway which will take you through to Ribbonwood close. Cross over and you will see another pathway that will take you through to Largs Avenue. Turn left and walk back to where you parked your car.

Please see link for map of walk Map of Largs walk

Maitland walk #12: Morpeth

Morpeth bridge

  • Distance: 4.1 km / 5914 steps
  • Time:~ 40 min (+)
  • Suitability:  Lovely walk around the historic village of Morpeth and you may well run over the time estimate as it is easy to get side-tracked by all the interesting and quirky shops and cafés.  Ok to do with wheels but you’ll have to not do the two loops around the reserves and just stay on the road.

Park by the Queens Wharf jetty and picnic area, which is on the left hand side by the entrance to Morpeth if coming from East Maitland.

Start walking along the river and do a short loop around the reserve before heading up the hill on the road you drove in. Cross the road and turn left down Swan street.  Turn right on Berkely street and walk up to High street.  Turn left and walk along High street which has a number of buildings steeped in history. European settlement in Morpeth dates from the early 1800s and in the 19th century it was one of the busiest river ports in NSW.

When you get to George street turn right and walk up to Little James street which is at the end of town and you’ll see farmland beyond.  Turn left and walk down to the t-section where you see a house with an impressive collection of garden ornaments. Turn right and follow John street around and walk across Edward street into the Ray Lawler and Morpeth Common wildfowl reserve.  There is no real path visible here but walk in amongst the trees and soon you’ll see a little bridge over the duck pond on your left (see photo below).  Cross over and now you’ll be on a path that loops around and back up on Edward street. Head down to Swan street and turn left and you’re now back on the main street of Morpeth.

There are also a number of historical buildings along Swan street and you can pick up a brochure with further information from Maitland Visitor information.  Notably you’ll walk past the two hotels currently open in Morpeth, whereas in 1867 there were 11 hotels thriving in the town! You’ll also see the heritage listed timber truss bridge about halfway along (see photo above). Stay on Swan street all the way back to the Queens Wharf road which will take you back to where you parked your car.

morpeth pondPlease see link to map of walk Map of Morpeth walk

Maitland Walk # 11: Maitland Park

Jewish Cemetery

  • Distance: 4.5 km/6429 steps
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Suitability: Easy walk with hardly any elevation around the Maitland Park area.  Suitable for wheels but need to take care with traffic as a fair bit involves sharing the road with cars. Extend the walk by doing a short detour to the Jewish Cemetery.

Enter the Maitland Park area via the roundabout by the railway station, keep right down Elgin street and park near the Hockey fields.

Start walking down Elgin street and follow it as it turns right and continues along the sports fields. Turn right when you get to the t-section with Louth Park road. This can be fairly busy with traffic and no pavement so walk carefully. You will soon see a sign for the Maitland Jewish Cemetery on your right – this is worth visiting and the detour will add 500m and 10 min to your walk.  It is one of only three provincial Jewish Cemeteries in NSW and despite having a spooky horror-movie kind of look about it, it is still in use.

Back on the main road, continue on and when you get to the intersection with Trappaud street turn left and continue along until you get to Cultivation road. Turn left and walk past the Maitland showground to Cracknell street.  Turn left and left again when you get to Anzac street.  As it turns around the corner this street now becomes Bloomfield street.  Stay on this as you get back to Maitland Park, walk past the pool and the war memorial by the main gate.  Exit the gate and turn left and you’ll soon be back where you started.

Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of Maitland Park walk

Maitland Walk # 10: East Maitland

maitland Gaol

  • Distance: 4.3 km/6143 steps
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Suitability: A nice, hilly walk around a well-established neighbourhood.  All on pavements or tarmac so fine for wheels. Great walk to combine with a visit to the Maitland Gaol.

Park at the commuter car park for east Maitland railway station, accessed from the roundabout in Melbourne street. Walk can also start from East Maitland pool car park if you wanted to combine with a swim.

Start by walking up Cumberland street, past Maitland Grossman High school.  You’ll see the Maitland Gaol on your right as you walk up the hill. Turn right on Narang street and walk along past the East Maitland pool and alongside the Plantation reserve. Turn right at Maize street and walk up the hill.  Turn immediately right down View street and then left onto Hinder street.  Continue along, past Centennial park and turn right into Murray street. Cross over Hunter street and walk up the narrow Speares lane which joins up with Victoria street.

Turn right onto Lindesay street and stay on this until you get to Kings street.  Walk down and cross over to Anzac park. Maitland Gaol is again on your right.  Walk down the footpath through the park and turn right when you get to the steps up to the railway overpass.  Walk up towards the magnificent East Maitland Court house and keep left around it until you get to John street.  Turn left and walk down to the car park where you started.

Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of East Maitland walk

Maitland Walk # 9: Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park

  • Distance: 3.8 km/5471 steps
  • Time: 35 minutes
  • Suitability: A nice, quick walk easily combined with a shopping trip to Greenhills.  Mostly through bushland and reserves, and all on concrete footpaths so fine with wheels.

The easiest place to park for this walk is at the Greenhills shopping centre in East Maitland, close to the Big W end.

Cross over Stronach Street and walk down the Boulevard just south of East Maitland Community Health Centre.  Follow the road past the playground and continue onto the footpath through the Brooklyn park reserve whilst enjoying the serenity of the bushland after the hustle and bustle of Greenhills.

Once you reach Chisholm road, cross over and continue on the footpath alongside the reserve on the other side. Stay on the path as it winds itself around the neighbourhood and across the field.  Cross over Worcester drive and continue on the footpath up along Kimberley Close. Turn left on Johnson drive and then right at the t-section with Wintergum street.  This is in a new subdivision and adjacent to open bushland so you may see some wildlife.  When I walked here last night an owl was perched on top of the street sign!

Walk up to Mount Vincent road, turn right and continue on the footpath until it veers down towards the playground on the corner of Chisholm road and Worcester road.  Walk around the playground and cross over the road on the left side of the roundabout.  Continue on the footpath along Mitchell drive and you will soon see Greenhills and be back where you started.

Please see link for a map of the walking route. Map of Brooklyn Park walk

Maitland Walk # 8: Lorn


  • Distance: 4.0 km/5714 steps
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Suitability: Lovely walk around the historic village of Lorn with its tree-lined streets and beautiful older style homes, perfect for history buffs! Some sections are across uneven terrain so challenging for those with wheels.

This walk starts at the public car park accessed from the Avenue, clearly signposted as soon as you come across Belmore bridge into Lorn.

Walk up the little path to Belmore road and turn left. Cross over the Esplanade towards the bridge and turn left onto the foot path going down towards the river.  You will quickly run out of footpath but continue across the grassy area alongside the river keeping to the right of the horse paddock.  Soon you will find another bit of the footpath, but only for a few metres before it disappears underneath a tree and bushes.  It reappears on the other side and this happens again a bit further along before you get a continuous stretch up to Bowden street.  Continue straight on and keep to the right until you run out of road, walk across the grassy area and on your left you will see a small opening through to Stuart street.  Walk up Roy street until the end, turn left and follow Sharkies lane up to Short street.  Turn left and walk down to Kings street, turn left down here and walk past some lovely houses and colourful gardens until you get to Allan street.  Turn right and walk over to Belmore street, turn right again and walk up to Warrane street (cross over).  You will see Lorn Bowls Club at the end of the street.  Follow the road around the Club to the right, enter Keith Smith reserve and continue around the cricket oval, past the grandstand and keep wlaking until you get to the first road on your right; Nillo Street. Walk down this street, follow it as it bends around and then turn right onto Melrose street.  Walk straight ahead until you get to the end with a nice view of the Hunter river.  Continue along Brisbane street to Belmore road and check out the fantastic knitted fruit display at the Newsagent on the corner! Cross over the road and go back down the path to the car park. Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of Lorn walk

If you are interested in history and want to know more about some of the beautiful old houses in this part of town, Maitland tourist office has a brochure for a heritage walk in Lorn which follows a similar route and with historical facts about certain buildings and features.