Maitland Walk # 8: Lorn


  • Distance: 4.0 km/5714 steps
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Suitability: Lovely walk around the historic village of Lorn with its tree-lined streets and beautiful older style homes, perfect for history buffs! Some sections are across uneven terrain so challenging for those with wheels.

This walk starts at the public car park accessed from the Avenue, clearly signposted as soon as you come across Belmore bridge into Lorn.

Walk up the little path to Belmore road and turn left. Cross over the Esplanade towards the bridge and turn left onto the foot path going down towards the river.  You will quickly run out of footpath but continue across the grassy area alongside the river keeping to the right of the horse paddock.  Soon you will find another bit of the footpath, but only for a few metres before it disappears underneath a tree and bushes.  It reappears on the other side and this happens again a bit further along before you get a continuous stretch up to Bowden street.  Continue straight on and keep to the right until you run out of road, walk across the grassy area and on your left you will see a small opening through to Stuart street.  Walk up Roy street until the end, turn left and follow Sharkies lane up to Short street.  Turn left and walk down to Kings street, turn left down here and walk past some lovely houses and colourful gardens until you get to Allan street.  Turn right and walk over to Belmore street, turn right again and walk up to Warrane street (cross over).  You will see Lorn Bowls Club at the end of the street.  Follow the road around the Club to the right, enter Keith Smith reserve and continue around the cricket oval, past the grandstand and keep wlaking until you get to the first road on your right; Nillo Street. Walk down this street, follow it as it bends around and then turn right onto Melrose street.  Walk straight ahead until you get to the end with a nice view of the Hunter river.  Continue along Brisbane street to Belmore road and check out the fantastic knitted fruit display at the Newsagent on the corner! Cross over the road and go back down the path to the car park. Please see link below for a map of the walking route. Map of Lorn walk

If you are interested in history and want to know more about some of the beautiful old houses in this part of town, Maitland tourist office has a brochure for a heritage walk in Lorn which follows a similar route and with historical facts about certain buildings and features.