Maitland Walk # 4: Telarah


  • Distance: 4.6 km/6572 steps
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Suitability:  Good walk for getting to know a nice quiet neighbourhood.  All on pavements or tarmac so fine for wheels. Can easily be combined with walk #2 (Veterans flat) if you have extra time and energy.

Parking is a little difficult but you can usually find somewhere along Bungaree road by the reserve, just south of Heritage Motors and Bunnings. The signposted pedestrian and cycleway underneath the New England Highway will link you to walk #2.

Start by walking up Capp street and then turn left as it becomes Margaret street. Turn right, cross over the railway and turn left down Elizabeth street. Turn right at Thomas street and follow this fairly narrow road as it turns into Greta street and continue until you get to a t-section with Lismore street.  Turn right and walk past the boot-camp set up and turn left on the corner with Green street.  Follow this down the hill and cross over to the netball courts on the other side of the road.  Just north of the courts you’ll find a footpath through the reserve.  Follow this until you get to Goodlet street.  Cross over and keep to the right and continue up Verge street. Turn right at Taree avenue and in the corner where the road starts turning around you’ll see a fairly steep footpath going up to the left. Walk up and turn right and then cross over onto McDonald street. Stay on this until you get to Brooks street, turn right and continue up and down until Bligh street.  Turn left and walk past Telarah Bowling Club and the sports-fields.  The road turns to the right and becomes Elizabeth street.  Stay on this until you get back to the railway overpass and then backtrack across, down Margaret street and Capp street back to where you parked. Please click on the link for a map of the walk  Map of Telarah walk